herbs information

Herbs Information

Cooking shows, food magazines and celebrity chefs, have seen the demand for herbs rise. Now it is time to take herbs to the next level, and create excitement and sing the praises of individual unique tastes that can be achieved by better herb breeding.

It is close to impossible to stabilise the flavour of herbs grown from seed, they are a highly variable crop when it comes to flavours. But each variety in the Herbs range is identical due to cutting propagation.

The Chef’s Hat rating system for Herbs will assist people in choosing the right herb for the right dish.

Our Star Performers

We have let some of the top chefs in the country decide, and after cooking with the herbs, they have chosen the following herbs, saying that these herbs produce the best flavours when cooking:



Origanum spp. ‘OREG04’ PBR intended

Creativity and Uniformity in Herbs

Grow Tasty Herbs new range of Herbs have an ornamental compact growth habit, are slower to go to seed, and with their uniformity in taste, you can rely on Herbs for all your recipes; these herbs will give you consistent cooking.

Why ornamental cutting grown herbs are better than seed grown herbs?

  •  Each cutting grown herb will have the same habit every time, allowing for more uniformity in presentation and growing.
  •  As these herbs are grown from cuttings rather than seed, every variety will always taste the same, and grow to the same size, whereas herbs grown from seed will greatly vary in flavour and size.
  •  Creativity is at the heart of both professional chefs and home cooks. Now with unique flavours never before achieved with herbs, Herbs are ready to enhance the creativity of dishes, far beyond what common seed grown herbs can. Its all about the flavour, and consistency that Herbs now offer for the first time in Australia, just like has been happening in Europe for years.
  •  These ornamental herbs take far longer to go to seed. Taller seed grown herbs often go to seed within 6 months, making harvesting hard, and the lifespan of the herb shorter.
  •  Health benefits from cutting grown ornamental herbs are reliable and generally the same for each variety. With seed grown herbs every plant has a different ratio of active ingredients. One might have high active medicinal content, and the next will be low.