Origanum spp. 'OREG03'


Origanum spp. 'OREG03'
OzFiesta Oregano


Origanum spp. 'OREG03'
" Uniquely flavoured herb with peppery tones "

Common Name: Oregano

Description: This is a uniquely flavoured strong tasting herb. It has peppery bitter tones and even a small hint of mint. This Greek Oregano is different to the traditional taste, with far more complex flavours. These complex rich flavours can make unique recipes not seen before.
Cooking Uses: Cooked dishes only, not recommended for salads.
Size: Approx. 25-35cm H x 30-40cm W
Planting, Growth and Tolerances:

It has great dense foliage, and late season flowering will see this herb grow wonderfully in the garden, in pots or in Green Walls. It has moderate cold tolerance, so may yellow slightly in winter. But in moderate climates it can be pruned back to look great in early spring, giving more than 1 year with this great herb.


Water as required, allowing soil to dry out between watering (avoid wet feet). In spring and autumn use a slow release fertiliser (if required) and/or incorporate compost into the soil. If heavily harvested, apply a light application of quick release (usually only for pots). Harvest as required, will produce a bushy compact plant if done frequently. If required, prune by up to 1/3 in spring and early autumn for a tidy plant.

Flavour Rating: herbs rating

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