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Grow Herbs at Home

The new range of Herbs is fast becoming very popular with professional chefs, but the good news is that Herbs are not exclusive to professionals. With Herbs you too can create scrumptious dishes with robust flavours.

Growing Herbs at home can be as easy as having one type of herb growing in a pot in your kitchen, or you can grow the whole range in a dedicated herb garden.

Currently, the Herbs range consists of varying strengths of Thyme, Oregano and Basil, but more varieties are coming soon.

For more information on growing herbs at home check out some of the great information in our articles section, you can have your Herbs planted and growing in no time.

What to know where you can buy Herbs? At this stage Herbs are only available online, click on the Where to Buy section on the top menu bar to find out more.

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Where to Buy?

Grow Tasty Herbs licenses trusted growing partners to grow our plants and make them available around the country. If a plant isn’t available at your local wholesale or retail nursery, you can request it to be ordered for you.